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Treatable Conditions

Traditional Chinese Medicine has been proven effective in maintaining health and treating various illnesses for thousands of years. Now they become a popular treatment used widely not just in China, but across the globe. The following is a non-exhaustive list of symptoms, syndromes, disorders, and diseases that have been identified by the World Health Organization (WHO) to respond well to TCM's natural ways of healing.

Painful Conditions

Headaches/Migraine Headaches, Neck Pain, Back Pain, Shoulder Pain, Tennis Elbow/Golf Elbow, Knee Pain, Tendinitis, Bursitis, Arthritis, Sciatic Pain, Sports Injury, Traumatic Injury

Emotional Syndromes

Anxiety, Depression, Stress, Irritability, Insomnia

Gynaecological Disorders

Irregular Menstruation, PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome), Dysmenorrhea (Cramps), Amenorrhea (No Period), Menopause, Endometriosis, Infertility (Female and Male), IVF Assistance

Neurological Disorders

Facial Paralysis (Bell's palsy), Facial Spasm, Trigeminal Neuralgia, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Shingles, Intercostals Neuralgia, Epilepsy

Skin Disorders

Acne, Eczema, Hives, Psoriasis, Wrinkles, Facial Lifting

Respiratory Problems

Allergies, Rhinitis, Sinusitis, Coughing, Asthma, Bronchitis

Digestive Problems

Gastritis, Ulcers, Nausea, Heart Burn, Bloating, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Crohn's Disease, Colitis, Diarrhoea, Constipation

Urinary Disorders

Urinary Bladder Infection, Irritable Bladder, Prostatitis

Ear, Nose, Eye, Teeth, Jaw and Throat

Ear Infections, Allergy Nose, Dry Eyes, Sore Throat, Toothache, Clenching Jaw


Smoking Addiction, Obesity Alcoholism, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Thyroid Conditions, Dizziness, Poor Circulations, Weak Immune System, Sequelae of Stroke