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I started visiting Dr. Shen four years ago and love her gentle bedside manner, kindness and professionalism. Fantastically caring and wonderful at acupuncture (for a patient who is not keen on needles or pain)! My favourite treatment is cupping (google it and go try!) and I always feel like a new person on my way out the door.

- Caitriona -

Dear Dr. Tan Shen, I'd like to thank you for the treatment I received from you. It was my first, and very positive acupuncture treatment, pleasant and relaxing. I have no headaches now. Pain after needles had gone next day, and all over weekend it didn't come back at all.

After only few acupuncture sessions, I feel great, but I know where to go, if the problems come back!

- Alevtina -

I had injured my knee from skiing and was in need of urgent treatment in anticipation of a big backpacking trip one week after the injury. Dr Shen took me into her care and provided acupuncture treatment almost every day during that week on a very short notice. I had difficulty walking immediately after the incident but it got much better towards the end of the week. Dr Shen is very knowledgeable, professional, and attentive. She also gave me tips on what to do to speed up the recovery of the knee during the backpacking trip, which I've applied and helped. Thank you Dr Shen!

- Colleen -

I had symptoms for years that regular western medicine did not even consider. Doctors would dismiss them as "unimportant," as "psychological," as "panic." But my full-body-aches and pains and tensions and digestive discomforts were very real. And I'm convinced to this day that they were not mentally induced. The best western medicine had to offer me was a diagnosis with CFS - Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, or Mononucleosis, or EBV - Epstein Barr Virus or CMV - Cyto-Megalo-Virus, extremely wide-spread viruses in France that can be caught on glassware in restaurants, or handle bars in the metro or any physical contact with other people. But no treatment was ever offered for these... As viruses are for the most part expensive to treat, if not untreatable, in the West. So for years I suffered, and tried all sorts of anxiety pills that were loosely prescribed by heavy-handed western doctors in high hopes of shutting me up.

And one day, I discovered that Traditional Chinese Medicine not only offered me validation of my REAL symptoms but also REAL explanations AND solutions that took only days to get me back to feeling healthy. And 3 months to get me back into a much more balanced state.

I have been travelling the world since 2008 trying acupuncturists from all over. I have been reading books on TCM. And I have observed that not all TCM specialists are equal in knowledge or in experience. Just like western doctors.

But Dr SHEN Tan, of the Burrard Acupuncture Clinic in Vancouver BC, is one of the most competent TCM specialists I have ever met. Her needling is impeccable, and her herbal prescriptions are just right. And she is also a very caring human. I have been seeing her weekly for three months and my health and emotional state has dramatically improved. I would recommend her to anyone in need of sustainable well-being. To anyone that feels neglected by western medicine, to anyone that has to cope with side effects of western treatments.

- Johann -

I came to see Dr. Shen in relation to chronic tiredness. Although I've never been diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome, I felt tired all the time, had little focus at work, and felt completely drained. I took multivitamins and herbal tonics, but nothing really helped. I was at a loss when a colleague at work suggested I tried acupuncture. I am very happy I did. After about 10 acupuncture sessions coupled with Chinese herbs prescribed by Dr. Shen, I started to feel better, and within three months I felt I had really good energy and focus. I liked Dr. Shen for her caring manner, patience and honest approach. She really made a huge difference in my life, and I can't thank her enough.

- Ella -

I've been Dr. Shen's patient for many years. Along the way I've seen her for various complaints, mostly related to pain. In my youth I played lots of sports and incurred various injuries that sometimes still trouble me. I took for a while NSAIDs prescribed by my family doctor and although they helped with my pain, they also created havoc in my stomach. I thought a more natural approach would suit me long term, and indeed, by switching to acupuncture I did myself a tremendous favour. It takes only a few sessions at a time, mostly electro-acupuncture and occasionally some herbs, in order to fix the pain. I like Dr. Shen's holistic approach, her nice demeanor and willingness to offer all sorts of healing solutions. Aside from acupuncture and herbs, she's given me lots of dietary advice geared towards reducing inflammation, she used cupping and massage when the pain wouldn't go away easily, and I can always feel in Dr. Shen a genuine care to make me well. I deeply appreciate what she's done for me and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to any of my friends or family. Dr. Shen is a true healer!

- Helen -

I have been Dr. Tan Shen's patient for over two years. The purpose is mostly for improving and maintaining overall body health and treating pre-menopause symptoms. I found Dr. Shen to be a kind, compassionate, caring and knowledgeable TCM doctor. She listens to my issues and explains to me thoroughly regarding my concerns. Dr. Shen also treated my thirteen year old daughter for her digestive problems. She treated her for a few sessions and prescribed her with some Chinese herbs. Now she is feeling better again. Dr. Shen is always flexible with accommodating my requests for a last minute appointment. She always returns my calls when I need her advice. I would not hesitate to recommend anyone who seeks alternative medicine to see Dr. Shen.

- Mabel -

When I decided to look for an acupuncturist for my back and neck pain I wanted someone who was easily accessible, someone experienced and someone who was approachable and friendly. Dr. Shen has more than exceeded my expectations. She is conveniently located downtown and I can easily get to her office and get back to my schedule without losing my day. When I found out Dr. Shen was a Doctor of Traditional Chinese medicine and had clinical experience I knew she more than qualified to handle my issues. Dr. Shen explains her approach and why she feels it will be successful. She includes me in the decision making and I feel like we are really working together. My back and neck pain have greatly improved and as a bonus my pre-menopausal symptoms, including severs migraines, have vanished.

- Joan -

I had an inflammation in my arm due to the many hours of typing and Dr. Shen's treatment was very helpful in dealing with the pain. Her office is very clean and tidy and I highly recommend her services.

- Iuri -